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We’re proud to have a company like Intricate Group donating their time and resources to help with our Harvest Helps initiatives. Along with Harvest Oilfield Service team, Intricate Group is right along side us handing out lunches to those in need!

Here is an interesting article written by one of Intricate’s very own; Nathan Huber – take a read:

With Intricate Group’s experienced technicians we go the extra mile.

When our technicians arrive to site, we go that extra mile to ensure your asset is running as efficiently as possible.  We take the time to look, listen and feel to ensure we catch things before there is an issue. Take a look at a few examples.

  1. Leaking Chemical Pumps or Lines – A small tubing leak that drips twice a minute equates to 208 Gallons per year of lost product. In a 40 well field with a 10% failure rate, and at $20 a gallon that’s $16,000 per year.  Our trucks and technicians are stocked with the right parts to make the repairs on site saving you time and money.
  2. Boiler Tuning – Our senior technicians know exactly what to look for when it comes to boiler and burner maintenance. Getting your Amine, Dehydrators and Treater’s burners serviced quarterly can ensure they are running safely, efficiently and reliable.  Just recently, Intricate tuned an amine and a dehy skid for a gas plant north of Red Earth Creek, Alberta and reduced total facility fuel gas by 3.7 e3m3 per day.  That roughly works out to $125,000 a year!
  3. Compressor Tuning – Having your sales compressors running efficiently is essential to the bottom line of your process plant. At that same plant north of Red Earth Creek we identified that a recycle valve on a compressor was incorrectly calibrated and staying 7% open even though it indicated 100% close.  After tuning the recycle valve we were able to completely close the recycle valve and reduce the compressor RPM from 1210 to 1105.  This equated to a savings in fuel gas to the tune of 2.1 e3m3 per day or roughly $65,000 per year!
  4. Remote Restart of Critical Equipment – When your equipment is a 12 hour Argo ride away, or even helicopter only, it makes sense to have a remote communication package installed. We have a variety of solutions and turnkey packages that can be installed on pump jacks, compressors, generators and pipelines.  They directly save you the travel time, wear and tear on mobilization equipment, and greatly improve your equipment run times. Look at this way – Say your booster goes down on low suction pressure because you had a well go down.  Now you have to spend $2500 to get a chopper, spend half a day flying to the compressor, and all you did was hit the start button.  Call us today 1-844-818-1612 and let’s get something figured out.
  5. Pump Jack VFD Installs – We recently worked closely with a producer outside of Peace River to install VFD’s on three pump jacks. This producer was fed up with the typical pump off control scheme and wanted something simple.  After installing the VFD’s the operator slowly decreased the stoke rate from 8 Strokes per minute to 3 strokes per minute.  The well production remained the same.  This saved the producer roughly $2700 a month in Electricity and allowed them to push out there pump jack maintenance schedule.

Just 5 examples of what our Technician’s at Intricate are trained to look for.  If you want more information, or would like one of our team members to show you how we can improve your bottom line, please give us a shout today 1-844-818-1612 or visit us at

Nathan Huber | Electrical & Instrumentation Services

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